Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday Goodies

Is that an excited face or what?! We had a great birthday party on Saturday. Lots of friend and family, Addie is still talking about it. We gave Addie a new bike. It's one that starts as a trike and converts to a 2 wheeler. The first thing she said was, "Can I have a Pink one?" Nope, sorry honey, it only comes in red.

And when everyone else left, the cousins, Aunties, Uncle and Grandma & Grandpa were still there to play. The 4 cousins all get along so well.


cake-eater said...

I loved the cake on the left, the blue Cinderella cake. That was cool

Wahneeta said...

Eugene also loved the princess cake. He was both intriguied and horrified to be eathing the body of the princess. We couldn't stop laughing. It was really good though.

And we had so much fun talking to Pat Carey's grandma and grandpa. His grandma kept talking about ugly babies, and his grandpa was telling us about some new terrible restaurant that didn't even give him dessert. Also, the waitress was tattooed. Eugene commented "You were lucky to get out of there alive!" And he said, "I know." I was DYING!!!