Monday, August 06, 2007

Never Underestimate!

Never underestimate the abilities of a 16 month old! This morning I was putting on my makeup in the living room so Lily wouldn't be lonely (Addie decided to sleep in until 10am when it was time to leave for daycare). Lily wanted to play with my makeup so I gave her a tube of lipstick that I didn't think she'd be able to open.


She opened it. She stuck her fingers in. She looks like she had been in a horribly traumatic accident.

When I brought her to daycare she still had lipstick under her eye. I heard the daycare teacher commenting on her pretty sparkles on her face!

Lily and Addie want to give a shout out to all their friends in Cell Block D! (get it? Jail, D...) Also all their love to the Comm Center!


dbeltt said...

Lots of love to the girls from the Booking Post tonight!

Syren said...

Auntie must have tired Addie out over the weekend since she slep until 10!