Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Addie!

My baby turned 3 yesterday. We had a great weekend playing with our friends the Hennemann's at the cabin. The Hennemann's are moving from Florida to Alaska (talk about serious culture shock!!) and were just passing through on their trek north. They have a little girl who is exactly 2 months older than Addie and a 8 month old baby. So Lily was gaga over the baby; calling her Reese (her baby friend from daycare) all day yesterday. Addie and Ellie played as only 3 year old girls can play. They played with their babies, had a rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippo (or Oh So Hungry Hippo as the girls were calling it), bounced on a giant inflatable castle, watched Sleeping Beauty, and generally just had a great time.

We brought some presents to the cabin and Grandma Argh made a cake so we were able to celebrate Addie's birthday. We'll have a big party next Saturday. In the meantime, everyone is glad to be home. Lily has been running a fever all weekend so she's feeling pretty crummy. It was 103 last night, but seems to have come down some. She's pushing teeth through but she must have a virus on top of that. Poor little thing.

This morning on the way home I was thinking about how much things have changed in three years. Three years ago I was shocked when the doctor told me I should have a C-Section on the following morning (Aug 19). I cried because this was not what I wanted, yet I was so excited to know that my baby would be there the next day. It was such a crazy roller coaster range of emotions. Then we saw this cute little thing with the crazy Don King shock of dark hair and the scream you could hear all the way down the hall of the Birth Center. Who wouldn't want to take her home? I love you to pieces baby girl! Even if you don't want us calling you our little girl anymore (Little Big Girl is acceptable though.)


dbeltt said...

Oh So Happy Birthday Addie!!!

Auntie Syren said...

Happy Birthday Addie!!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Birthday to your Little Big Girl!

daddy said...

Happy birthday little angel