Friday, February 20, 2009

Northland Moms Get Creative

When it looks like this outside, Northland moms get creative on how to get their children to burn off some energy. We were having a lazy morning at home when Dana called and asked if we wanted to go to the aquarium. Our aquarium has some issues so I haven't been there in about a year, but it sounded like a good thing to do.

Addie and Lily were very excited to see their friends, AJ and Sydney. They ran all over the upper floor of the aquarium, barely pausing to look at the fish. Lily was very impressed with the moving stairs (she's a small town girl, what can I say?). In fact, she was very upset that you didn't take the moving stairs to get down to the first floor. The elevator wasn't good enough for her.

One of Addie's favorite spots was a little bear den. It's a little "cave" that has a fuzzy stuffed animal that's supposed to be the momma bear inside. Addie thought it was a great hiding spot and wanted everyone to go inside with her. Unfortunately, AJ and Lily were not convinced it was safe. Lily went in, but wanted to go feet first (just in case). AJ checked it out and that was as far as he would go.
As always, the otter slide was a big hit with Lily. I'm not so sure they were excited about the actual otters, but the slide is neat.
We finished up with lunch at McDonalds and more playing there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Walk

This is cross posted on Knit One Blog Too because I am an idiot and wasn't paying close attention to what blog I posted on. :)

Adam and I took the girls for a walk on Saturday. Our plan was to walk down to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of crusty bread for fondue that night. It's 8 blocks to the grocery store.

We had no sooner gotten bundled up and out to the alley when Lily decided that she needed to be carried. There was no way I was carrying her the entire way (I've done it before and needed to seek chiropractic help afterward) so we got the wagon and some blankets out of the garage. Lily was very happy to be a rider, she kepting saying "Wheee! I'm on a roller coaster!"

Addie on the other hand, was quite the mountaineer. She went snowbank climbing and had to stop frequently for energy breaks (i.e. chocolate).

We got all of 4 blocks when we decided that everyone was too cold to keep going. We walked back home, got in the car and drove to the grocery store.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a Way to Wake Up

Adam and I woke up this morning to the pitter patter of little feet running down our hallway. The sound was quickly followed by, "Momma, I'm hungry. I want hot dogs." What really brought me awake was Lily handing me a frozen package of hot dogs. She had woken up (God only knows how long she was wondering the house) and gone downstairs, opened up the freezer and perused the contents.

Otherwise, it's a lazy Sunday morning for us. Adam is fixing a broken water pipe (he's shut off water to the house, so I can't wash dishes or clothes). I'm playing on the computer, and the kids are playing upstairs. I think we might go to the Y this afternoon to swim. The kids are really looking forward to it - our freezing cold walk yesterday didn't quite bring the same degree of excitement.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stay Right There

"Stay right there. Don't move. Where's the button I push? Did it work? Why isn't this working?"

"Addie, just hold down the button. No, look at us in the picture and hold down the button."

"Addie, bring up the camera so you can see Mommy and Daddy in the picture."

"Yes, that button right there. Hold it, hold it."

"Here we'll move down so you can see us in the picture."

"Momma, I see you! I did it!"

Friday, February 06, 2009

Miles of Smiles

This picture just makes me smile.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Someday This Will Be Used Against Me

Some day my children will hate me. I understand this. I know that I will at some point be the Worst Mommy in the Whole World. I also know that because I have 2 girls, this will last from the time that Addie is 13 to the time that Lily goes off to college.
That all being said, I took this picture anyway. Knowing that some day it may be used against me when my children accuse me of breaking child labor laws.

Honestly, she's mad because her sister wouldn't give her a long enough turn mopping, not because I forced them to mop!

Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to explain to them that they really were taking joy in the mopping of a 3 ft square entry. They were fighting over whose turn it was. And when they were done mopping the entry, they wanted to mop the rest of the house.

Can You Tell What Party We Went To?

We went to a costume birthday party this weekend. The girls didn't want to dress up as a certain green fairy, so we got a little creative. Lillian is the youngest boy, Michael. I think the deciding factor on this costume was that she got to carry her Teddy along with her all day. Addie is the oldest child, Wendy. Adam is dressed as the father, and I am the Indian Princess, Tiger Lily.

Can you tell what movie we're from? OK, I know, the green fairy is a dead giveaway. The costume party was a Peter Pan theme. We were greeted by the biggest baddest Captain Hook I've ever seen, and one of the smallest Peter Pans.

The girls had a great time. They played with balloon swords and even did a real treasure hunt for real pirate pinata treasure. Just ask Addie, she'll tell you the clue that she found all by herself (OK, maybe not all by herself).
The funniest part of the day for me was when Dana asked me how we just happened to have fringed leather lying around my house. Without skipping a beat I said, "Oh, it's a gun case." Honestly, I think if Jeff had been taking a drink there would have been Diet Pepsi sprayed across the living room. Apparently Jeff and Dana don't know that not only do I come from a family of creative costume aficionados, but so does Adam. They are also families of pack rats, and the two personalities work well together.
Happy 4th Birthday AJ! I'm so glad you invited us to share your birthday with you!