Sunday, September 02, 2007

I've got a secret

Happy Day Before Labor Day.

Adam left for his 2 week long adventure to Colorado today. He'll be hunting in the middle of nowhere without cell reception, running water or easy access to medical facilities for 2 weeks. For those of you keeping track, this means he will miss my birthday. I say this not to make him feel bad, but because it is important for the rest of the story.

Today the girls and I were playing outside when Addie came running up to me and said, "Momma! I have a secret for you."

"You do? What is it?" Now, she's done this before and it's always been things like the fact that she's getting a birthday party or other commonly known facts.

"Momma, Daddy asked Grandma to make a cake for you. She's bringing you a cake on your birthday. Grandma's got a present too, because it's going to be your birthday! Shh... it's a surprise."

Now how cute is that!? How could I not just laugh and give her the biggest hug in the world? She was so serious about the whole thing!

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The Shadow said...

I know even more juicy details! Also, I hope he took my advice on one of the ideas....cuz I think you'd like it a lot!

I am sending you some pictures of the girls on email.