Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day at the Farm

While visiting my parents a few weeks ago, we took the kids to a farm. It was a very chilly, windy day but that didn't stop the kids from playing hard.

We fed the new lamb, the sheep and tried to avoid the greedy goat. Lily was afraid to feed the sheep at first. I had to help her by holding my hand under hers so she wouldn't panic. Once she realized that the sheep just licked and didn't bite, she thought feeding the animals was hillarious.

The farm had these ingenious duck races. The ducks floated down a piece of gutter into another holding tank. The kids had a ball - luckily there were enough pumps for everyone.

We had to "pause the play" to get cookies and hot chocolate and for me to warm up. After snacks it was posing on the pumpkins and watching the pig races.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Little Pupcakes

Addie took Lily for Show and Share last week. It went something like this:
"This is my little sister Lily. She plays with me and she's sweet. Any questions or comments?".

Tonight the girls were eating when we overheard Addie say, "That's not how you say it, it's not pup, it's c-c-cup. You say cupcake.". I wanted to cry! We have so few of the Kidisms left, I want to keep that one a while longer.

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