Monday, August 31, 2009

About Face - The Long Explanation

I tried to give you the down and dirty on Addie's school situation Friday, but it didn't seem to save. Here's the longer version.

Last week we called the Transportation director (TD for short) and asked about busing since we hadn't heard anything yet. TD said that because we lived less than 2 miles from the school that we were ineligible for busing. I asked about the safety of a five year old crossing a busy street that commuters use. Apparently that is not their concern. Never mind the sex offender that lives between us and the school. I then asked about busing Addie to daycare in the afternoon. TD said we are ineligible because we live too close to the school and they do not have a bus that goes past that daycare.

What about paying for transportation? Nope. What's the closest a bus could come to a drop off point for daycare? In between our house and the school - again, too far for Addie to walk alone, not to mention that this makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I did look into carpooling, but we don't know many people whose kids go to that school. There is a latchkey program, but I'm not thrilled about that.

Then I asked TD the big question. What if my child went to the Catholic school? "Oh, then we could bus you."

Since this private school had been on our radar before, we decided to take the leap. Today we met the teacher, toured the school and are all set to go.

Stay tuned for photos in her uniform!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

A Snugg - a- licious Day!

This morning as everyone was waking up and getting ready, Addie asked if she could have a Snuggle-a-Bration. I asked her if she had heard the word before or if it was one she made up. "No Momma, I heard it in my head."

I loved the word and I'm doing my utmost to get it out into the world.

So go, curl up with your loved ones and have your own Snuggle-a-bration. And eat this while you're at it! I'll have to figure out how to make it dairy-free. Give me a day or so and I'll get back to you on it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things to Do

Addie's Birthday Party is on Saturday and all I can do is think of all the things I have left to do. Maybe I'm avoiding thinking about the fact that my baby is FIVE. I keep saying I'm not old enough to have a five year old; I can't imagine what I'll say when she is 18.

My List:
Weed flower gardens
Mow yard (neighbor kid was supposed to do this earlier in the week)
Weed Whack (see above)
Compost bags of leaves that have been sitting in corner of yard since last fall
Plant shrubs (3)
Move pool and other non-essential yard junk into the garage
Clean up little slide so big sister can take it home
Defrost Meat
Make side dish (don't know what we're doing yet)
Cut up veggies
Make dip - non-dairy sour cream, a handful of walnuts and 1 cup olives makes an amazing dip
Clean Bathroom
Clear kitchen counters
Clean out fridge (reason meat is not already defrosting)
Buy buns
Buy coffee
Buy little bags to put goodies in
Clean Lily's room
Clean sheets on Lily's bed (Mom and Dad are staying overnight)
Buy ice
Figure out drink situation - beer? Lemonade? Pop? Definitely juice boxes
Buy Juice Boxes

Friday, August 14, 2009


Cross Posted to Knit One Blog Too because I am too silly to figure out my iPhone app!

Last night was Wednesday Night at the Races in Superior. The people who organize Grandmas Marathon put on little races for kids each week at a different park. Addie and Lily (and I) ran in the 4 and under category. Before we started I told Addie to run as fast as she could but if we got separated to just follow the other kids to the finish line. I should have told her to run like the wind, because she came in 3rd!

Afterwards we went to Culvers for dinner.

Addie wasn't too impressed with the dairy-free lemon ice I got for Lily ( be sure they use a clean scoop!) but when her friend AJ came to the table with an M&M sundae, she was lovin' it. What a great way to cap off one of our warmest nights this suet.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

The View From Here

The summer seems to be rocketing by. We've spent time at the cabin (very little), time with my grandparents (again, very little) and time just running around. Adam and I realized this week that our summer is almost over. It doesn't help that it's been a cooler than normal summer.

As of right now, I am in Portland, Adam is at home and the girls are with my parents. I love you girls! Momma misses you!

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