Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Watch out world, here comes Lily!!

Lily rolled over this weekend (June 25) for the 1st time. She's just 14 weeks! It's amazing to me because I think Addie crawled before she rolled over completely. Lily seems to like hanging out on her belly now. She gets really mad if you place her on her back; she works so hard to get over onto her belly and get that arm out from under her. I noticed that even when she's asleep or almost asleep she's working to roll over. Last night she got very frustrated whenever I laid her down to sleep because she'd get stuck halfway and not be able to roll the rest of the way over. I suppose she was too tired to do all that work. Poor baby is working on her skillz even while sleeping!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Momma Action Figure

I know I say my kids are the cutest kids in the world all the time, but it really is true! Here's an example of what makes Addie so sweet ~

This is what's known in our household as the Momma Action Figure. Addie carries this figurine around the house all day long while I'm at work. She says "momma" whenever anyone askes her what it is. She knows that it is Baby Lily in the momma's tummy. Mostly she carries it in the cradle position like it is one of her babies. She'll stroke it and talk to it, and even feed it pretend food. The sweetest is when she's holding it in the cradle position, strokes it's hair and say's "pretty." How adorable is that?!

In my mind I see this as a way for Addie to be less lonesome for me when I'm at work. She's such a cuddly lovey kid; she's always giving us and her toys kisses. Poor Lily might be smothered by kisses someday!! I don't know that you could ask for better kids than what we have. We are so blessed.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ditch the Diaper

This morning when Addie woke up I walked into her room and she was saying diaper. Not a big deal, she says that all the time. So I brought Lily in and changed Lily's diaper and got her dressed and the whole time Addie continues to say diaper. Yes honey, I'm changing Lily's diaper. When I finally went to pick Addie up out of the crib I realized there was a big wet spot on the bed. Because she was wearing a nightgown, I hadn't realized she had taken off her diaper! A perfectly dry diaper. So sometime before I walked in the room she took off a dry diaper to pee in her bed. Silly girl!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crazy Uncle Matty

Although this is Addie and Uncle Matt playing at Jim and Judy's house, I think the highlight of our Chicago trip for Addie was staying at Uncle Matt's house. She got to play with Lola - and by play I mean chase the poor dog around while screaming "LOLA!" Amazing how dog toys resemble little kid toys... a dog's ball or stuffed animal can easily become a 21 month old's toy too. She also got to have her first real dinner party. Uncle Matt made yummy grilled fish and Addie stayed up way past her bedtime to eat with all of us.

Uncle Matt is so much fun to play with; he blow bubbles, wears cool hats just like Addie and plays all sorts of games with her.

Cooking with Addie

Aunt Judy had Addie help make her famous brownies while we were in Chicago!

Have I mentioned that Addie loves to cook? When she sees me making dinner, she comes into the kitchen and says "cook!" She has to have a little pot and a wooden spoon so she can cook too. A lot of times I'll let her stir whatever it is I'm making. If it's something that she can't stir safely I'll take her stool and set it up so she can see what I'm doing.


How sweet is this smile! Who loves their mommy?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ok, so not only am I a bad blogger, but the website was having problems last week.

Here's a picture of Lily in Antioch, IL at Great Grandma's house. She was such a doll for our entire trip! She didn't even mind the horrible wait for the plane trip back (We were at Midway airport for at least 6 1/2 hours waiting for our plane to land, board, taxi, disembark, reboard, and finally takeoff.) Addie did really well too. In fact the kids did better than most adults with the whole ordeal.

Lily is growing so fast! She is the smiliest baby I have ever seen. She smiles whenever anyone talks to her. Addie wasn't even this smiley! Lily loves to coo and have "conversations."