Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Big Lake

The girls had a great time at the beach on Sunday. We got together with the FOP for a picnic. Although Adam works with all these folks, the families don't often have a chance to get together and play. Addie immediately stripped down and waded into the lake. That's really saying something since the average temp of the lake is 37 degrees F. Addie really didn't seem to mind though! We spent a lot of time collecting rocks (that I need to remember to take out of her pockets before the shorts go through the wash).
John O taught Addie to make a really good sandcastle. She spent a lot of time shoveling sand into her bucket.

Both girls were covered head to toe in sand by the time we got home. I'm still trying to wash the sand out of Addie's hair. I've pretty much given up the fight against sand in the carseat - I figure it's a lost cause.


Syren said...

I love the top picture of Lily!

daddy said...

There were a lot of great pictures from that afternoon
maybe moma will post some more

Stinky feet said...

I can't believe how blonde Lily is!