Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lily and the Lambs

This picture has been the talk of our office. Lily, Addie and I went out to Bob Wallace's farm to see the sheep. The sheep were more interested in Lily than Lily was in the sheep! Addie and I got to feed the grain sheep. She was shocked when the sheep "baaa'd" at her!

Can you believe this is Addie 1 year ago? She has grown so much! Just her hair alone has grown. Today I was noticing that she is loosing that baby belly; she's starting to get long and lean. Of course, some of that might be that she's hardly eaten in the last week because of her nasty cold... but really she's growing up on me. When I ask her if she is momma's baby or momma's big girl she tells me, "big girl."

Today she and Cathy Carey are making a Haunted Gingerbread house. I suspect more candy will end up in Addie's tummy than on the house, but oh well. Halloween only happens once a year! I can't wait to see the finished product....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Silly Momma Bear

I came downstairs this morning in what can only be described as a frumpy teacher sweater. It's black white and grey with snowflakes on it. Addie saw me and immediately said, "ohhh pretty!" I laughed and asked her if she liked my sweater. "oh yeah!" I must have looked sceptical because she then said, "silly mamma bear." Sometimes kids are so smart!!

Potty training update: This morning Addie sat on the potty and peed.... in her pull up. Gotta give the kid credit, she knew what to do!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Biter Biscuit

Whoever invented the Gerber Biter Biscuit deserves a medal of honor. It takes Lily from a teething cranky little thing, to a blissed out baby. She gets that biscuit in her mouth and gnaws on it, drooling brown graham cracker drool all over herself and me with this look on her face that is true bliss. You know it has to feel incredible on her gums. She was so happy gnawing on that thing and watching cartoons on my lap this morning I thought she was going to fall asleep with it in her mouth.

I think Lily may have gotten her first taste of fruit this morning as well. She was picking up crumbs of Addie's freeze dried raspberries this morning. Lily was very intent upon what she was doing and I'm pretty sure she ate some of it.

Right now Lily's on her hands and knees rocking back and forth. I don't remember Addie ever really doing that. It's the classic, I'm going to start crawling so fast you won't be able to catch me move. Yikes! Creeping/low crawling is fast enough for now!

Friday, October 06, 2006

"Come Mama"

Addie has several favorite toys right now. Among the top contenders are a castle (complete with 3 disney princesses) that she got from her cousins and a set of plastic dishes. Lately she's been coming up to me and saying, "Come Mama.... play... with me" in this sweet little voice. Now how can you say no to that? I pretty much have to drop whatever it is I'm doing because it's so darn sweet! Yesterday she even let her little sister play princesses with her.

I love that under that bossy little exterior is a girl who is learning to share and play with other people. This gives me hope that Lily won't have her toys rudely taken from her forever.

I hate it when I'm right.

Well it happened, Lily is crawling. Monday night I watched her scoot/army crawl across the floor towards the strap of the black diaper bag. I moved the bag - she turned around and went right for it. Lily was determined to put that strap into her mouth. I was so amazed - she's only 6 month, 1 weeks old! I think Addie was 10 months old before she was crawling. I'm not ready for this! I guess this definitively proves the idea that you should never compare your children. Don't do it, because they'll prove you wrong every time.