Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chillin' at Auntie Rene's House

Here we are, just hanging out, eating our crackers, watching a Disney movie while Mommy, Auntie, and our 2 Grandma's make cards. Yep, we're pretty cool. Momma would never let us eat crackers in bed at home!

In other news, we're counting down to Addie's 3rd birthday. She's very excited about bringing cupcakes to daycare and about her party! She is telling anyone that will listen that she is having a party. Can you believe that this was Addie at her 1st birthday party? Boy she has grown! Addie keeps telling me that "Now I all grown up Momma." It just about breaks your heart! She's definitely becoming a big kid. The first week in September she'll move downstairs to the preschool room at daycare. That will be very hard for me!

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Syren said...

Not bad! I am still finding crackers in my bed...might be a sign I should wash my sheets!! I also noticed after you left that they must have thought my comforter was a napkin...nothing like some crab salad mouth wiped across your bed!! Really it was a fun day though!!