Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
I've been very good this year. I eat my vegetables and fruit (sometimes the meat, depending on how good it is) and only wander away from the table a few times during the course of a meal.
I've been very nice to my sister (despite what you might have heard). I give her hugs and kisses every time after I pull her hair. I also try very hard to share my toys.

I've been looking at the sales and I've decided what it is that I would like you to bring me for Christmas. It's a hard job to look through all the inserts in the Thanksgiving day paper to find just what you want. It takes preserverance and patience. Mommy says I have the first in spades but not so much the second.

I'd like THAT. It's a baby doll with a changing table, cradle and car seat. Please Santa, if you bring it for me I promise I will go to bed without much of a fight every night.

PS- Could you bring something for my big sister too?


Syren said...

Very cute! The pictures turned out great!

Dana said...

How could Santa resist such cute little faces that clearly have put some effort into forming their wishlists?