Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Defense of My Homeland

I'm sitting here pondering my next blog entry, wondering if shivering counts as an aerobic activity when I read the comments from my previous post.

Ouch, accused of switching my allegience to a crummy purple and gold bunch of degenerate whiners. Shall we discuss the Love Boat incident? Perhaps not on a blog about my children.

No, my children's coats have nothing to do with the allegiance towards any particular football team. It's really hard to find green coats for girls. Plus, my girly-girls would probably revolt at anything that is not pink or purple. Lily's coat is a hand-me-down from her cousin (one that Addie barely wore) and Addie's happened to be a good sale. I figured the purple wouldn't look as dirty as fast as a light pink would.


Syren said...

I love the mini-snow man!

Dana said...

Uh oh. Somebody's sounding awfully defensive. It's okay. Really. If you decide you like the Vikings better, I won't tell anyone.

snow girl said...

look at her poor cheeks. she looks like she has a burning red beard!