Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why Momma?

Tonight Addie and I were snuggled up in the green chair watching Shrek. Addie kept asking me all sorts of questions, such as, "Why Shrek sad Momma?" "Momma, why they looking at the stars?" "Momma, why Pincs Fee-oona kick that man?"

I did the typical, "what do you think Addie?" But it really wasn't working. Finally I had a chance to ask some questions of my own. "Addie, why do you think you ask so many questions?"

"'Cause I have lot of questions to ask. And I ask you them." Very simple, very concise. She has questions so she asks them. She isn't worried about internally filtering her questions, she isn't worried about what anyone else will think of her. She has a question and she asks. Man, kids are amazing.

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any luck on the photos?