Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Deep Breaths

"...and this too shall pass."

I talked to Adam this morning and it sounds like he will be coming home on Saturday. So I just need to hang in there until then. It's not that the girls are doing anything too terrible, it's just that I'm the only one there. I'm the one that always has to be the enforcer. I'm the one that has to put them to bed every night. I'm the one that has to fight Lily to get dressed while stopping Addie from throwing a shoe at our heads. It's just a lot to deal with.

So I will look at cute peaceful pictures of my children. I will make a long leisurely hair appointment for when Adam is back in town. I might even get a pedicure so I can stay away from home a little bit longer! I will remember that I love my children (and I will remember that it would be wrong to sell them as child slaves.)


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hang in there! I know how tough it can be. Hugs to you.

dbeltt said...

Being the enforcer is a tough role to fill all the time. You are a great mom and a great wife for letting you husband leave you for so long! Adam is lucky to have you!

Jess Poskozim said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate your support.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

yes, very hard to be the only parent in the house. I do think selling them as slaves might be a bad plan, I wonder if there is some sort of hourly rental plan in your area?!!
When my children are lovely i tell them that i@ve decided NOT to take them back to the shop after all...I then panic and check, 'you do know i'm not REALLY going to take you back for a refund don't you?'. They roll their eyes at me, bored voice, 'Yeesss Mum'.