Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shave and a Haircut, 2 Bits

Nope, not a post about my new haircut/hair color. Just a post about the girls. If you ever want to see two little girls enthralled for long amounts of time... say over a half hour (which is an amazing amount of time) get out a cheap can of shaving cream.

You just put a blob of shaving cream on the high chair or table top and let them go at it. It was great! Lily tried tasting it, "yucky." Lily then tried to shake it off her hands. Then she squished... and squished and rubbed it all around. By the end she was packing shaving cream into her ears! She had two little shaving cream/hair horns sticking out from her head.

Addie on the other hand got into it right away. She smeared it all over the table and then drew pictures in it. I was instructed to take pictures of her pictures. Too cute!

Hopefully I can get those pictures off the horrible will not download camera and put them up soon.

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Mr Cannon said...

you should call me sometime baby, maybe I can help with your camera.