Monday, April 23, 2007

Welcome Little One

My friend Erin had her baby yesterday; Fianne Marie Makela was born Sunday evening. She's 8lbs and a few ounces (I forget exactly how many, I was driving and talking on my cell at the same time), 19 inches long. I get to see little Fia (I'm voting for that as a nickname) tomorrow morning and I'm so excited!!! I love babies. I love their little squished up faces and squinty eyes. I could not be more happy for Erin and Damien. Erin is the sweetest, most loving person I know and is an awesome Mommy to Katie so I know she's going to be a rock star with this one too.


Darla said...

Tell Erin concratulation from me too....It's about time good things started happening to her!

The Ying to Jess's Yang, the Wings to Jess's Wind, the chocolate to Jess's Penutbutter said...

If you read this blog, congrats to you and your man!
Jess said the baby is perfect, and with the cute cheek dimples.