Monday, April 09, 2007

Miss You Baby Girl

Addie is staying with Mona and Boppa Argh for a few days. We left her there on Easter Sunday and they'll be bringing her back on Wednesday morning. Our house is so quiet!

So far Addie has gone to breakfast at Perkins, possibly gone shopping at Target for a new potty(not entirely sure about that) and gone to play at a park. My guess is she's having a great time getting undivided attention. Addie will make Boppa read countless stories and have Mona nurse her sick baby whale back to health.

I think Lily is trying to figure out where Addie has gone - she hasn't quite been herself today, very cranky and clingy. Every time I put Lily in the high chair she flings herself around and throws a tantrum. The problem with 1 year olds is you just don't know what the problem is. Is she not feeling well, is she just not hungry, is she so hungry her tummy hurts? What?

Things I have accomplished with only one child at home:
-We had our taxes double checked by H&R Block
-I came home and e-filed the taxes we had already finished
-Made a Creative Memories order
-Talked to Addie on the phone
-Read other random blogs that I haven't read in awhile
-Talked to Darla
-Left messages for other random people

Yet to do:
-Put away baby clothes
-Sort clothes that don't fit the kids
-Sort my own clothes that no longer fit.


Sir Oliver Webster said...

I could not help but notice you used the term "random" twice in your latest entry. Are you using the term correctly? Only you know for sure, but are you really leaving messages for "other random people"? You call numbers randomly from the phone book and leave messages for them? That would seem odd. You also reported you read "random" blogs you had not read latley. I am not an expert on statistics, but it seems a far chance that you would "randomly" look at the 5 million blogs and a while later stumble across the same blogs.
Perhaps you do not know the proper use of the word, RANDOM. For the sake of you children, you may want to use it correctly. Or maybe you like want them to grow up and like talk like everyone else to like avoid ridicule.

Bill Gates said...

Sir Oliver Webster needs to learn how to use spell check. :)

Webster said...

I wrote the book on spelling, so it is correct as is!

Juanita the Hutt (Jabba's sister) said...

I talked with Jess the other night and we weigh the same! I blame Lent and the distinct possibility she gave fries up again...or maybe its the wheat/dairy deprivation...or her willpower...

All I'm saying is I am in uncharted waters...and it's scary. There is a mental block. I made my doctor's nurse put a post-it in my chart saying "126, wonderful Darla!"

Delusional but Happy

Sally Struthers said...

I should clarify the above comment:

If you spend your whole life weighing around 115- 120 and then you find yourself suddenly in the land of 135 ( and growing) it's very disorienting. I've always had to TRY to gain weight, and know fat cells from the outer reaches of space are seeking me out and attaching to me.

I still have my stick limbs, but a belly, so I look like one of the kids on the "Feed the children" campaign. All I need is a tupperware bowl....

The Lonsome Cowboy said...

I miss you guys,
come home soon.