Monday, April 30, 2007


Today is Adam's first day in his new position, so today was also the first day of daycare. Addie hasn't been to daycare since before Lily was born. Lily has never been in daycare. I alternate between the high of thinking what great socialization this is for the girls, and the low of thinking how they're going to contract every major illness on the planet. I completely lucked out finding a place that would take both girls part time. Most daycares in our area will only take the wee ones full time. Addie's age they're fine with taking part time, but there's such an excess of infants and 1's that they will only take them full-time. Two of my good friends bring their kids to this center, so I feel good about that also. I called the daycare this afternoon and both girls napped well and seemed to be having a great time. Lily actually napped on a cot! Well, they both did, but Lily is just 13 months old!!!! She napped on a cot like a big kid!!!!!!! Oh man, I'm not ready for this! Like. A. Big. Kid. The sweetest thing is that the daycare ladies put their cots right next to each other so they wouldn't be sad. Normally they separate the little ones from the big kids, but in Addie and Lily's cases they made an exception. So sweet.

I learned something this weekend. Scraping the cheese off a pizza and giving Lily the toppings and crust isn't good enough. She has the mother of all diaper rashes again. Lily has blisters on her bottom. Actual blisters. Dang! Someday I will figure out not to test the limits.


sibbling, the elder said...

what a good big sister Addie is, taking care of her sister. And Lily, such a good little sister doing what she is told! Sleep on the cot, clean the kittly liter, ect.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sorry about that pizza/cheese thing. Sometimes it's hard to know what is ok and what isn't. I fed my son oatmeal for the longest time because I didn't know that it could be cross contaminated with wheat. Well, live and learn. Hope her rash is better.
Glad to see that they are doing well with Day Care :)