Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh Man!

How stupid am I? Seriously. I can not beeelieeeve it. (said in Leo's voice from Little Einsteins)

Microwave popcorn has butter on it. Yes, it even says "Contains, milk." on the package. In bold.

So those mysterious diaper rashes Lily was continuing to get even though we "both" weren't eating dairy? Duh. At least I know enough not to feed her popcorn yet.

So this combined with my multiple knitting disasters this week has caused me to seriously doubt my intelligence. Honestly, when will I learn? I have at least one skein of yarn that I think I will burn. Unfortunately it is acrylic (which I normally hate and won't buy) so it won't even burn properly. It will just melt and smoke and be very very nasty. It figures that this stuff would live on to haunt me. ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!


Tweedle D said...

Don't feel was one of those "duh" moments we all get. Example: "I'm holding my breath so you won't confuse my heartbeat with the baby's". Yes, as we all know, when we hold our breath, our heart instantly ceases to beat...duh!

tweedle dumb said...

yea, dont feel bad. Its not like anything you did will land you in federal court or the papers....
yea, thats not cool.