Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Lily is blowing a great big kiss to our new little friend Fianne. I just cannot stop gushing about how cute Fianne is. I got to see her and her mommy in the hospital today. Wow, what dimples. I don't think Erin knows how badly I wanted to take the little peanut home! I desperately want to post a picture of Fianne, but have decided that it is not my decision to make. I'm not sure I would be crazy about someone else posting a picture of my kid on the internet. She is a sweetie though, you'll have to take my word for it.

We're going back to ECFE tonight after a long absense. No particular reason, we've just been busy on Tuesday nights lately. I hope Addie does well, she was a bit of a drama queen earlier today. She ended up going down for a very early nap because she just broke down into tears whenever she heard the word "no." Poor Kelli (babysitter this morning while I went to visit the awe-inspiringly cute Fianne) just didn't know what to do with Addie. I know she felt badly because she kept hurting Addie's feelings. Unfortunately everything hurt Addie's feelings today. Hopefully she will be in a better mood this afternoon!

I'm feeling optimistic that we're making progress on the potty training front!

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