Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Splish Splash!

The girls woke up from their nap on Sunday to a hot sunny afternoon. We filled up the pool with shockingly cold (I swear it comes right from the bottom of Lake Superior) water. The girls had a blast!

Adam would pretend to throw a beanbag into the water (don't know why!) and the girls would slide down the slide to catch it.

There was much splashing of Daddy! Adam worked hard all day helping me with laying down pavers (so our back porch looks much nicer) and he mowed the grass earlier - he deserved a break! He was out there "supervising" the pool while I made dinner for everyone. Now after hearing about this story, we don't dare let the girls play outside in the pool alone. I've always been paranoid about pools with kids, but this makes me even more so.

Lily turned blue from the super cold water!

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