Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Kid is a Fish

I swear Addie is part fish! This is the 3rd week of swimming lessons. On Tuesday her friend Eric's mom picked Addie up and took her to swimming lessons so I didn't have to stand around explaining to Lily for 45 minutes why she couldn't wade into the water. When Lily and I got to the Y to join Addie for the Open Swim portion of the night, the lifeguard who taught Eric and Addie's class was talking to Eric's mom.

I thought for sure that the kids had gotten into trouble. It's pretty common that Addie will talk to the lifeguard (she invited them all to her birthday party in August!!), she'll splash Eric, she'll ruffle his hair, she'll poke at him and giggle... I guess they had to be separated for a bit. Instead, the lifeguard said that Addie and Eric are doing such a good job that they didn't need as many layers on their swim belt. Plus, neither child should be in the Skippers class the next time around - we should go ahead and enroll her in the Advanced Skippers. Seriously? This kid has had 5 lessons and you're telling me she needs to go to the next level up? At this rate she's going to beat her Daddy in being the youngest councilor on the beach at Tomahawk!


Dana said...

Maybe next time at the Y (assuming we can spend more than 15 minutes in the pool), Addie can teach AJ how to stick his head in the water!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

That's awesome! If we can get our kids 5 consecutive lessons I'd be ecstatic. I love the picture below of her wrapped in the frog towl. Your girls are adorable!

Emily said...

We need Addie to tell Tyler it is ok to go to swimming lessons! He is still refusing to go!
Love the pics of the kids:)

The Master of the Boy said...

Im really likin' the links to other stuff, like Tomahawk.