Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rock Hounds

I know everyone is waiting for the latest pictures of Addie's new haircut, but that will have to wait. I need to blog the weekend photos first.

Grandma and Grandpa Dude came up for the weekend. Grandma hadn't seen the girls since May, so she really missed them. Our plan was to go to the Taste of Greece in Duluth. I was a little worried about the food situation there, but I talked to the priest and a parishioner about it. They assured me that as long as we stayed away from the sauces, feta and the pastries, we would be fine. We got there after a late breakfast on Sunday, hoping that the bazaar part of it would be large enough that we would work up an appetite looking at all the goodies. Unfortunately there wasn't much shopping to be had. There was some dancing though - traditional Greek dances. Addie even got to join in at the very end. She was very excited!

We decided we needed a little exercise, so we took the girls down to the Lakewalk. The girls loved all of the rocks. I didn't realize what little rock hounds we have. The searched for the biggest, bestest rocks they could find. Addie happened to be carrying her little pink purse, so that got filled to the brim with rocks. My pockets and Mom's pockets were also filled with rocks.

Lily mostly just went for quantity over quality. She would pick up handfuls of rocks and sand and just drop them in my hand. She was a little miffed that the sand kept slipping through my fingers. I was very excited that while we were sitting letting the girls sift through the rocks, I found an agate. It's no where near as big as the ones on the link, but very pretty. I always look for agates whenever we're at the lake, but I've never found one as pretty as this. Generally the ones I find are tiny and dull. This one is about the size of a nickel.

By the end, the girls were pretty wiped out. It was nap time and they were hungry. I ended up carrying them for a little bit. We had to keep calling to Addie to catch up. Finally I had her chase one of the horse drawn carriages to ask them where the glass slipper ball was. :) That got her moving! She was pretty disappointed that the people in the carriage didn't know where the ball was. She drowned her disappointment in Old Chicago wings and pizza though!

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