Friday, July 11, 2008

My Apologies to Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick pointed out that we were missing a few of the scenic shots on the last post. I try not to anger Blogger by adding too many photos per post, but I'll also try to keep my audience (all 3 of you) happy. Here's a photo "down river" of the falls. This is from the scenic overlook. I believe you can see the lake (created by the dam) at the very top of the photo.

The Falls. I was told that every few years or so, someone decides to try "shooting the falls." Invariably they end up with a helicopter ride to St. Paul for emergency medical treatment. It does seem like it would be a fun attempt, but the falls are much steeper than they appear here.
This is a photo of the steps leading up to the scenic overlook. This is the middle section only. Have I mentioned it was a lot of steps? Because it was A LOT of steps. :)

Lily enjoyed some special Daddy time while Addie napped and Momma knitted. Lily apparently wasn't too interested in anything in the Nature Center other than the toys they keep there.


ranger rick said...

thank you. the scenes are lovely.

Grizzly Allen said...

The falls look beautiful....and Lily is looking like she is getting a little belly, although you assured me last night that she was not. Glad she is doing well!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks to Ranger Rick for requesting more pictures :)