Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekly Meal Plan - April 27- May 2

Ahhh, feel the wind in my hair! I'm ready to go!

Sunday- Roast Salmon Provencal - from Eat Better America
Monday- Chicken Parmesan - again, here's the recipe from Eat Better America
Tuesday- Pork Tenderloin - this would be really yummy grilled and served with rice and stir fried veggies.
Wednesday- Shepard's Pie - I'll sub out the skim milk for soy or chicken broth - From Meals Matter
Thursday- BLT's - Thursdays are always a busy night for us. I try to knit on Thursdays and it seems like Adam always works late. :) We need a fast meal on nights like this.
Friday- Pizza! I like to make our own when I have the time. Plus I freeze all the leftover slices from Lily's pizza to just take out when we need it. I'll probably buy the premade crusts and just add whatever toppings the girls want. We're big on adding lots of meat and olives to the pizza. I'll add green peppers, onions, and whatever other veggies I think I can get away with.
Saturday- Flaxseed Morning Glory Muffins - from Eat Better America - got to love recipes with soymilk already in it, it makes it sooo easy for me. :)

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Syren said...

Yipee! Pictures...I want more!