Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh Baby

Elyanna Grace was born on April 1 (no fooling!) to my big sister. It's her 3rd child. We've been waiting somewhat impatiently to drive down and see everyone. We finally got a chance to go after canceling one trip due to a crazy April blizzard. The girls were very excited to meet the new baby and play with their other cousins.

Lily loves babies, so this was very exciting for her. She loved "holding" Elyanna. However, when someone else asked Lily later if she had held Ely, she said no. Guess she just didn't remember it. I wish we all lived closer because the cousins really play together well and enjoy each other. Addie is in awe of her cousin Alyssa and all the cool big girl toys that Alyssa has.

And Then There Were Five.


Sue said...

She is precious. My girls love babies too. We too live far from my sister. It is hard. Wonderful when we can get together, but heartbreaking to then see my girls miss their 4 cousins!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Gorgeous baby!!! And what a sweet group of kids. They are all so cute. I'm glad they had a nice time together.