Monday, April 07, 2008

Three Cheers for Snow White

Darla sent Lily a fun birthday present; a Snow White costume and some pom poms (or pom pons, depending on where you were raised). Addie got a set of poms also.

After setting some firm ground rules (like no shaking the poms in Mommy's face, no hitting each other on the head with the poms and no stealing of the sister's poms) the girls had a blast! Give me a D-A-R-L-A, what's that spell? Dar-wonderful!

It took a few days, but Addie was able to finally try on the Snow White costume also. Lily is very protective of it! Addie's a little sad and mopey right now. She finally decided to give her binkies to her new baby cousin. They started not tasting very good (could be from the Tabasco Momma was putting on them) and so Addie decided that maybe the little bitty baby needed them more than she does. We put them in a very special sparkley gift bag and glam'd it up with some tissue paper. Addie then drew a picture for the baby to put in the bag. Grandma brought the gift of binkies down to the baby.

Last night Addie asked me to buy her some, "New Big Girl binkies." I told her that those were very hard to find. Most binkies don't taste good to Big Girls because they're made for babies. "But what will I put in my mouth to fall asleep?" Honey, you'll just have to fall asleep on your own like you do at naptime. :( Poor little thing. I feel really bad for her, but I know it's past time that she move on. I just hope we did it in a gentle enough way.

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Taking away my sons binkies was the hardest thing (for both of us!). He was so totally attached to them. Even now he'll see a baby with a binkie and I can see that far away look in his eye. Then he'll say "Binkies are for babies" as if he's still trying to convince himself.
Love the Snow White costume. Too cute :)