Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Stroller Made For Two

Lily got this super cool stroller from Baby Jack's Momma for her birthday. The girls immediately (without a word being said) put one baby in the front and one baby in the back. They made it into their double stroller!! They even very nicely strolled around the living room together. What good sharing!

I think Addie is starting to feel better. Although she did ask if she could "just lay down" on the couch this morning, she is starting to get her spunk back. While I was putting on makeup this morning the girls took a pot of Bath and Body Works lotion and smeared it all over themselves and the floor. The reason I know it was Addie who masterminded this (besides the fact that Lily can't quite open the container by herself) is that when I called for the girls they were suspiciously quiet. They had smeared the lotion all over the floor underneath our bed. It takes a 3 1/2 year old to hide while doing something naughty!

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