Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wormy Returns

Excerpt from the Poskozim Daily Press
December 11, 2007

A surprise discovery was made this morning when an exploratory mission to the shelf over the toilet turned up the long-lost, much-missed, Wormy. Wormy is said to be in excellent health and
was happy to be returned to the loving arms of his family. Wormy was held tightly in Adelaide's hands and was given a very brief drink of water in the sink. Wormy was then taken on a celebratory tour of the 2nd floor of the Poskozim house.

There was a brief discussion of ownership of Wormy later in the morning. This discussion ended before harm could be done with the appearance of Wormy's sister, Pinky. Both Pinky and Wormy seem to be renewing their acquaintances well.

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Anonymous said...

Sad to say, I was actually pondering whatever happened to Wormy. I mean, he was such an important member of the family....then nothing. I thought he might have come to nefarious ends.

Seriously, I was wondering....I think I need to get out more, or read something besides board books....