Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, it happened. Wormy dun r-u-n-n-o-f-t. I can't find him anywhere. Addie says she doesn't know where Wormy is either and is very distressed by the fact that Wormy is gone. I'm guessing that Wormy has found a nice little purse to hide in for the duration. However, in Wormy's absense, I have started wearing a different watch. Addie was very excited when she saw it and immediately said, "WORMY!" I had to explain that this is not Wormy, it is his brother Squirmy. "Oh Sammy." No honey, it's Squirmy. "Oh Sammy, I missed you too."

Had I known that the "Squ" sound was so hard to make I would have named the watch something else. According to my sister the teacher, she may not be able to pronounce that sound until she's a few years older. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

RIP Wormy 2007-2007

Anonymous said...

Gopher Emmet?

Anonymous said...

Wormy is in the WPP "worm protection program." I think your husband with his sleuthing skills should be able to solve this caper!!!