Friday, June 29, 2007


This will not be a pretty post. Do not read it if you are offended by words such as poop, or descriptions of such words.

Day 4 of Big Girl Undies/Day 2 of Mineral Oil
Our pediatrician recommended 2 tbs of mineral oil per day to help Addie become more regular. Right now she poops once a week. You can almost set your watch by it - seriously, it's always Saturday afternoon just after nap time.

Day One:
Addie woke up at 11pm with a yell. I went in to find her standing up in her bed saying, "I pooping." Thanking God and several other deities that I managed to put a Pull Up on her before bed, I ran her to the bathroom. Success!

Day Two:
No poop. Well, not really. There was much yelling, grabbing of stomach and whining. There was also very thin oily poop that dribbled out of her. Some accompanied by gas, some not. Some dropping on my carpet. None of it making its way into the potty. Addie absolutely refused to sit on the potty to see if that would help her stomach feel better. In the battle of wills between toddler and momma, this toddler will win. I even tried a warm bath to see if that would do the trick. Again, much screaming and yelling - no poop.

Day Three:
This morning was ugly. Run away from home ugly. All Addie wanted to do was lay with her head in my lap. If that was not possible, then she wanted to be superglued to my side. Both kids were exhausted from the late night the night before so that didn't help. Normally I would love to just cuddle up on the couch with Addie and Lily and watch TV, knit and "nuggle." However, when I have to get ready for work, it is really difficult to have both of them attached to the same leg. I just want a shower in peace. I want a shower with no one screaming, no one throwing toys into the tub with me, no one stealing toys from their sister, no one picking on their sister, no one saying, "momma, I hungry." I want a gate at the base of my steps that will prevent them from coming upstairs after me if I disappear for 2 seconds. I want to shower without worrying that Lily will fall down the steps.


Autie Reen said...

I can not agree more with the Saturday afternoon nap poop! It seems like I am always taking care of Addie at this time! I can honestly say I've never seen/smelled anything like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Steph only poops once a week! One time I was unfortunately on vacation with her when the lucky day arrived!

I swear by Jif peanut butter on toast. Light toast, peanut butter, and then CAREFULLY warm the peanut butter over the toaster with the slots pushed down. Peanut butter toast and caffine free pepsi....never had a problem a day in my life.
No toast = no poo....