Friday, June 15, 2007

Long Morning

It's been a rather long morning. It should have been such a good one, it started off so well. I got up right after Adam and jumped in the shower so I didn't have to worry about the girls being downstairs alone while I was upstairs showering. I'm half convinced Addie is going to smother Lily one of these days while I am showering. Adam got Addie up, I got Lily when she woke up. I gave the girls yogurt for breakfast (Silk soy yogurt for Lily of course). Then it was bathtime...

Fill up the tub
Dump in toys
Dump in 2 year old
Keep 1 year old from jumping in herself while fully dressed
Grab towels
Gently put 1 year old in tub
"Sit down Lily" Lily sits
"Sit down Lily" Lily sits
"Lily, SIT DOWN" Lily sits
Then everything went into slow motion... Lily slips and falls under the water. I can see her little eyes are wide open and her mouth is doing that, "ohh ohh" thing like a fish. She's trying to push herself up, but can't quite get it. I grab her, bring her up out of the water and pat her on the back. She seems to be breathing just fine. Oh man, I think she scared 5 years off my life. I never knew how long it takes to get from one end of my tiny bathroom to the other. Lily was obviously scared because it caused her to empty her bowels into the bathtub.

Take Addie out of tub
Take toys out of tub
Place toys in bleach solution
"No Addie, you can't play with the spoon, it's being cleaned."
Remove Addie's hand from bleach solution
Try to calm Addie down while spraying out the tub
Scrub Tub
Place Addie back in tub to wash her hair.

So Lily is semi-clean. I figure the dunking was enough to wash her hair, I wasn't going to put her back in again.

As I'm getting Addie dressed, she spys the "Big Girl Underwear" with princesses on them and insists that she must wear that. I explain that those underwear are only for girls who go on the potty every time. That underwear doesn't catch the pee like diapers do. Can you sit on the potty every time? So we put on the underwear. I grab 3 more pairs and 3 more pairs of shorts to go to daycare. At this point I am resigned to cleaning the upholstery in the carseat.

I am in the kitchen getting Lily's lunch ready when I hear Addie say, "look, I made a puddle." Of course you did, because we need to be leaving the house right now and we are nowhere near ready. Lily then crawls through the puddle. No Lily, sit right there and wait for Momma. Addie then walks through the puddle. Stop, everyone stop! At least I had a change of outfits ready for her. Addie says, "This no catch pee." Yep, that's what I said kiddo.

She made it to daycare without another accident. I fully expect that there will be a full load of Addie laundry by tonight.


Professor Poopypants said...

I'm very sorry for your misfortune, but this had me snorting OUT LOUD at work I was laughing so hard.

Things I Learned from this blog:

1. Apparently you can have the crap actually scared right out of you.

2. Many clothing items have been designed so they"no catch pee"

3. Hey Look! I made a puddle! Maybe Addie wasn't trying to smother her...maybe her plan is drowning her....

I told you about Eugene making me laugh so hard I also found out that my non-princess undies
"no catch pee"?

Alotta.knittin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of having young ones. I remember it well. My daughter is now 26, married and on her own, but I STILL remember those days when everything seemed to go against me!!

the man said...

Any good pics of the new "Walking Lily?"

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh my, what a morning you had. I hope the rest of the day wasn't as eventful! My sons underwear went out in the trash yesterday. They don't hold poo either :(
Thanks for the food suggestions! I'm going to compile a list and finalize the menu this weekend. I like the dairy free dip ideas.