Friday, June 01, 2007

I've Got Skillz!

Look out world, it's me Lily! I'm a big girl now. My Momma calls me her baby, but I'm really not. I can get everywhere I want to go - I crawl, I climb and now I walk around holding onto people's fingers. I've been very demanding lately that everyone walk me around wherever I go. This crawling stuff will soon be for the birds. I can even stand up all by myself (I practice at daycare all the time.)

My Momma thinks that she puts me to bed at night, but really I put myself to bed. Sure, she gives me some milk before bed and rubs my hair, but I crawl up the steps all by myself. Momma turns on the music and then I launch myself out of her arms and into the crib. Rocking is for babies.

I'll be taking my drivers license test to drive my hot little red car soon. Beep, Beep, look out, blonde driver coming through!

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