Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Foggy Day

I've tried to find a picture that shows you just how beautiful the fog is today. It's blowing off the lake so you get these strange gusts of fog billowing around. However, everything I find looks like ths... Which will look much different tomorrow than it does today. Today, that picture is just a sheet of grey.

So, instead of a picture, here's some fog info: Between late spring and late fall the (Lake Superior) shore can be shrouded in fog when the land surrounding Lake Superior heats up much warmer than the water. This warm season fog occurs when when moisture in the warm air condenses as it flows over the cold lake. Duluth, Minnesota has an average of 52 days of heavy fog each year.

1 comment:

Sven said...

52 days of fog, and 300 days of rain or snow
not many days left for suntanning.

but lots of work for a weatherman. not like the dull west, or even the dull twin cities....