Thursday, May 03, 2007

Daycare, Day 4

I am logging 2 hours a day in the car just bringing the girls back and forth to daycare. This does not take into account the amount of time I spend in my car doing my job. UGH!

The girls love daycare. They love going to see their friends. Addie wants to go see friends immediately upon waking. Followed closely by a demand to wake up Daddy. The daycare teachers love our girls. Their new friends know them by name and seem excited to see them every day. Addie has developed a new friend named Eli. They apparently go everywhere together and love playing outside together.

Both girls have been completely and utterly worn out by the time they get home each night. Lily slept from 6pm-8:30am waking once for a diaper change. I fed her just because I thought she probably needed it, but I think she would have been fine without it. Addie has slept past 9:30 each of the last 2 mornings.

Addie was excited about going t0 daycare this morning up until I lifted her over the gate into the 2 year old room. All of a sudden she became a clinging vine. She wrapped her legs around me and wouldn't let go. She cried, she wailed, she scared the other children. She didn't want me to leave. It is heartbreaking to leave a child when they are crying for their mommy. I feel like a horrible human being. I feel like a bad mommy. Of course I immediately called daycare as soon as I got into the office and found out that Addie was just fine. She had wanted to go into the baby room which is the room in which they sleep. She got onto her cot, grabbed the binkie and immediately flipped over with her butt in the air. Fast asleep within seconds.

Thank goodness my parents are coming tonight and will watch the girls tomorrow. Hopefully they will catch up on some much needed rest and get a chance to be spoiled rotten. :)

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Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon said...

It is hard to go to work to make money to support your family, when going to work is hard on the family. I guess that is why they call it work.
Everyone does it, but that doesnt make it any easier. At least the children are safe, and enjoy the time with kids their own age.
Be stong Mother.