Thursday, May 24, 2007

Point Taken

I'm missing the sun... It's been rainy, foggy and nasty all week. So here's a picture of my no-nap kid. She has decided that it is too much fun at daycare and she doesn't want to waste a moment of it sleeping. Who would want to sleep when you have little Reese's (other baby her age) chubby toes to tickle? So Lily sleeps in the car on the way to daycare (30 min) and on the way home (30 min). If I run her right upstairs, she'll stay asleep through the night. However, this means that she misses supper. If I keep her awake and feed her supper, she's banging her head on the floor in exhaustion by 7pm. What's a mom to do?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sorry about the no napping. She's cute as heck though :)

Anonymous said...

My niece is pretty darn cute in that picture! Mom and I got the poor kiddos wonder she was so miserable last weekend! Give the girls kisses for me!