Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Wheat Free World

Lily and I are on week 3 of our Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free diet. Lily has had a red, puffy and raw diaper rash for several months. Lily has been prescribed several different broad spectrum diaper rash creams and nothing has done the trick. We finally saw a dermatologist who did a culture 4 weeks ago. The cultures came back negative for yeast and bacterial infection. On a hunch, I took Lily to see a friend who is a naturopath who suggested that yes it might be an allergy. The only way to rule out an allergy is by going on an elimination diet.

I can't begin to tell you how hard it is at first to eliminate wheat and dairy from your diet. We do not live in a wheat free world. Try going out to eat... no soy sauce, no bread, no breading, no pizza, no beer, no pasta.... I could go on. Try eating on the run, same senario. Everything you eat has to be thought out - did they use flour to thicken the sauce in this? Can you leave the cheese off? Not to mention constantly policing the house making sure Addie doesn't share her Goldfish crackers and milk. I spent probably 2 of the 3 weeks mad at the world. I will do anything for my children, I love them and want them to be healthy but I admit I spent a lot of time whining! Since Lily's diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables and some meat, this was relatively easy for her. For me it meant a total change in my thinking.

Now, since I've finally seen progress I'm feeling better about the whole thing. Lily's butt has been consistently clear for a week. We did have a setback when she chugged some of Addie's milk, but it cleared up quickly. Today I start to challenge wheat. I am to start eating wheat again to see if it is being transfered through breast milk. I admit that I'm scared to try it. I don't want Lily to be hurt again, I don't want her clingy and whiny because her bottom (and maybe her tummy) hurt. I don't want to rock the boat, I want to leave things as they are. But I really want a beer!

So the challenging begins. Wish us luck.

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Chris said...

Hey Jess, it's Chris from Briar Rose.....oh honey, I feel bad for BEER???????