Thursday, March 08, 2007

Snow, snow and more crazy white stuff that my child wants to eat

I'm supposed to put more pictures up so Grandma and Grandpa Argh (who are in FL enjoying sun that we will not see for several more months) can see the girls in the 5 feet of snow we got last weekend. I downloaded the pictures, I uploaded them into Memory Manager 2 (CM software that rocks) and tried uploading them to the photo website. "Tried" being the operative word there. www.cmphotocenter seems to be down. Which means I cannot access my pictures from here. I couldn't even access the internet last night so I was totally stuck. Maybe tonight, assuming our playdate goes well and I get the kids in bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.

So... you get to imagine the kids in the snow. Imagine Addie making snow angels in a snowbank. Imagine Lily sitting on top of a 4 foot drift, totally terrified. Imagine Addie's mittens completely covered in fluffy cold white snow (not the snowman making type) as she puts yet another ball of snow into her mouth. Imagine Lily terrified as Adam puts her into the snow cave he built.

And speaking of white stuff... I just found out that Addie ate some diaper rash cream today. I don't think zinc oxide is toxic... is it? When will everything stop going in that kid's mouth!?

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