Monday, March 12, 2007


Ugh. It's March. We've still got some snow left, but it's rapidly melting. It's melting so fast that we're worried the basement will flood. Adam took Addie for a walk down to Brad's house last night. I guess she ran and splashed in the puddles the whole way. By the time they got home she was soaked to her knees and cold. However, as soon as she warmed up she wanted to go right back out again.

March just seems like one of those ugh months. It's not quite sunny enough for spring, not quite snowy enough for winter. It just is. We have so much going on this month; Adam's birthday, Lily's birthday, I'm leaving the girls with my parents and Syren next weekend, it's just busy. And yet I have no ambition. I can't believe my baby is turning One. I just can't believe it. She's just too much of a little peanut. She's so silly all the time - playing and dancing, laughing her little belly laugh.


Shaunisee the Lepricon said...

March is the greatest month of the year! In like a lion out like a lamb, Pices, Adam's Birthday, St Patties day!
Long live March!
also, where are the snow pictures? Or Addies new haricut?

Anonymous said...

I think Adam's ponytail looks a lot better than that wild mop!