Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Lily!

Lily is one year old today. Well, technically she won't be one until 6:35 tonight, but who's splitting hairs? Wow, my baby is one.

Last night I caught Lily scaling the baby gate at the base of the steps. We had the gate leaning against the steps at about a 45 degree angle. This has always been enough to deter the girls in the past. However, our little Lily saw this as a challenge. When I walked into the room, Lily had her feet halfway up the gate and was clinging to the top. I watched as she found the holes in the gate and used them as toe holds. She struggled to get her feet over the top of the gate. Finally she pulled herself over and onto the first step of the 2nd section of steps. Such determination and focus in that girl! Pictures of the feat will be forthcoming... as soon as I can download them... which means after the birthday party this weekend.

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Rosie the Riviter said...

Thats a Girl for ya! Climb that ladder, break that glass ceiling, Go Lilly Go!