Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UP, Up and Away

While Adam was at the cabin last Sunday, I took the girls to see the 3D version of Up. First of all, I was completely shocked at how much it cost us. Apparently you get charged for an adult price ($9) for each person regardless of age! Add to that the price of popcorn and a pop for the 3 of us to share and I was feeling pretty broke by the end of the night.

Addie was completely fascinated with the movie. She jumped when things popped out of the screen and ohhhed and ahhed at the heights that the house floated to. Lily was a little less impressed. She almost immediately got her 3D glasses all smudged and yucky. She ended up taking them off and watching the movie without them until the end when I swapped glasses with her. In her defense, One Size Fits All glasses do not fit Lily. I'm not entirely sure that she could see out both lenses.

The movie was good though. I was a little worried that Addie would be scared by the dogs at one part (Lily really wasn't into the movie enough to get scared) but it really didn't faze her much. I would be cautious if you have a child who is easily scared. Like most Disney movies these days, there are enough jokes that just the adults will get to keep parents entertained. Over all, it's a sweet funny movie about a man trying to fulfill a dream that his wife had always cherished.

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