Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things We've Learned in 4 Year Old Kindergarten

1. Raise Your Hand Quietly
2. Be Quiet on the Railroad Tracks
3. No Running in the Halls
4. There Can Only Be One Princess Leia
5. There is No Kissing in 4 Year Old Kindergarten (ask us how we know)
6. No Toys on the School Bus (ask us how we know)
7. No Biting
8. No Taking Toys
9. No Picking Fragile Flowers (again, ask us how we know)
10. Clean Up Before You Read a Book


Dana said...

So, how do you know?
Sweet list!

eye in the sky said...

how about "when someone says stop we stop". that leads to the story of Addie being punched in the eye, "Daddy, I was tickling him but he never said STOP. He just hit me. He supposed to say stop if he want me to stop" :(
Yep, school called us on that one.