Monday, July 06, 2009

Flower Girl Training

Who knew being a flower girl would take such training?

First, we had to clean off the hands and faces of these little princesses. They were filthy from a picnic right before our shopping trip.

Then we had to try on the dresses at David's Bridal so they could get ordered in time. (Don't get me started about the craziness of ordering dresses for children 3 1/2 months ahead of time).

Then, there's the requisite twirling in the dress to see if it looks like a real princess dress. (They do twirl well).

The girls were absolutely crushed that they couldn't take these dresses home. The real dresses with be a lilac color with a deep purple sash. I'm going to make them little bolero sweaters to wear over the top of the dresses in case it is cold.

The final and most difficult part of the Flower Girl Training is the flowers themselves. Addie has put herself on a rigorous training schedule that involves picking flowers wherever she sees them. The petals get scattered willy-nilly all over the yard, house and cars. I'm pretty sure she'll be a pro by the time October rolls around.


Dana said...

Don't forget the very important practice walk up the aisle of the church. When my sister got married, her flower girl had been very well coached. She told me the rules were "no talking or waving."

Your girls are darling! I had no idea the wild daisy picking at my house was part of their training.

Kori said...

The girls look so cute in the dresses. Can't wait to see the pictures of them in the wedding. They sure are getting big.