Friday, June 05, 2009

It Only Looks Bright and Sunny

Lots of Random Bits and Pieces

1. We went from bright and sunny shorts weather yesterday to cold and sunny today. Yech. That's just the way it's been lately.

2. Over Mother's Day weekend my sister and I took the girls to the Shepard's Harvest Festival. My sister snapped a bunch of cute photos including this one.

3. We finally have Lily Pull Up free at night. She's been potty trained for a long time now, but we continued putting the Pull Ups on at night. I finally realized that she was staying dry at night but didn't want to get up in the morning and go into the bathroom so was using the Pull Up out of shear laziness (or crankiness if you want to get right down to it).

4. Addie's last week of 4K is next week. She's got a month of Kindergarten Camp this summer to look forward to, then it's real Kindergarten in a new school.

5. Addie finally passed into the next swim class level. She'll be a Starfish. It's nice because that forces the girls to be in separate classes which I think will be good for them.

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Syren said...

Go Lily and great job to Addie on passing swimming lessons!