Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weird Science

We took the girls to the Science Museum of Minnesota last weekend. One of the perks of being members of our Children's Museum is that we get free entry into science museums and children's museums all over the country. The dinosaur area was a huge hit with Addie. She loved seeing all the dinosaurs that Daddy has told her about.

The "waterfall" entry into the water exhibit. We had to go through this entry several times.

The lights exhibit. Adam tried explaining to Addie how you could block out one light and have just a single color shadow, or combine colors to make new colored shadows. However, she really was more interested in just seeing what her shadow looked like when she moved.
Overall, the Science Museum was a lot of fun. It is definitely geared for older kids, but we were able to find enough things that the girls could do to keep their interest.


Dana said...

They have dinosaurs now? Way cool! We definitely have to get down there!

Syren said...

They have a shadow room at the Children's Museum in EC. I think Em and I had almost more fun than the kids making our shadows stick!