Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity-Dog"

You know it's been a long weekend when you have kid show theme songs running through your head non-stop. We took the girls to have their photos taken at a local photography place today. They have bunnies every spring that they bring in for photo shoots. We got some sweet pictures of the girls together in their Easter dresses and some of Lily alone. I'm hoping that by getting her 3 year old pictures taken close to her actual birthday, I can at least stay in the running for Mother of the Year. I'm suffering from Mommy guilt that Lily's party was cancelled last week and I have little to no desire to reschedule. The cake is in the freezer, the goodie bags are all ready... I just need to suck up and schedule a date. It's just so darn hard to coordinate a date with all the different people involved. That's why I scheduled it 1 1/2 months out the first time around.

So, when are *you* available for Lily's party?


Dana said...

Name the date and we'll figure out a way to get at least some of us there! (Though I suspect it's responses from your family that you're really looking for.)

Syren said...

??? This weekend is Tyler and Ely's party and then it's Easter weekend! I think it will be pretty hard to get the Nelson side together again anytime soon! You should just reschedule for her friends. I have another gift for her that didn't make the mail. Mom thought it was too fragile so I'll have to give it to you this weekend!