Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Life Lesson via SpongeBob

We were watching SpongeBob SquarePants tonight as the girls were eating their before bed snack. I hold firm to my belief that SpongeBob is not really a show for kids. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick got Squidworth kicked out of his club so they tried to make their own exclusive club. When Squidworth yelled at SpongeBob and Patrick, I told the girls that Squidworth was not a very nice friend. I got no response from the under 5 crowd.

As part of the initiation into the exclusive "Feathered Friends" club, SpongeBob and Patrick held a stinging jellyfish to their tongue. They then held Squidworth's tongue out and stung him with the jellyfish. Addie and Lily thought this was very funny. I told the girls that SpongeBob and Patrick weren't being very good friends to Squidworth. Addie (never taking her eyes from the TV screen) said, "But they did it to themselves first."

"Addie, if your friends sting themselves with jellyfish, are you going to sting your tongue with a jellyfish?" It may not give me the Mommy of the Year award, but I feel like I've hit a Parental Milestone by uttering that phrase.

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Dana said...

More than once while watching that show, I've thought to myself, "thank goodness Lake Superior holds only freshwater creatures."