Thursday, November 06, 2008

What a Long Strange Week

Is the week over yet?

First, I had a sales crisis at work. I sold something, was told I couldn't sell that the way it was done and since the business didn't have the budget to do a larger number of inserts, lost the sale. Then I was told I could sell it that way after all. It's my largest sale at this company so far.

Then, the election. Will it have ramifications for Adam's job? Probably. Will it have ramifications for mine? Most definitely. I'm quietly freaking out.

I also modelled in my first ad this week. I was walking out of the office when 2 of our artists asked me to put on some ski clothes. I was in a suit at the time and I questioned whether they really wanted me to be wearing ski clothes with a button down shirt. "Oh, no problem. Everything will be cropped out except the featured clothes." So my disembodied legs and body are in an ad.

And now, I get a call from my Dad saying that someone at my alma mater wants to use an essay that I wrote in 1998 in an online publication. I have no idea what this essay was about other than it was a pedigogical essay. It's very weird. It's an essay that I wrote as part of a class to become a tutor in the tutoring center. I'm fairly certain that it was a benign essay, but I'd sure like to read it before I give my permission for them to publish it. I'll throw up a link if I decide to have it published.

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Dana said...

Keep your chin up. Everything happens for a reason, and everything will work out in the end. Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to pursue a new career in pedigogy. Thanks for the wiki link. That was a word I've never heard before.