Monday, November 10, 2008

Daddy Jobs

In our house, there are certain jobs that are "Daddy Jobs" and certain jobs that are "Mommy Jobs." Anything not specified is a shared responsibility and can be done by anyone in the household. Mommy is in charge of cooking, most any thing to do with the computer and is definitely the chief purchasing officer for the household. Daddy is in charge of fixing things and carving pumpkins.
It's not that I don't like carving pumpkins, it's just that it's not my favorite activity. I either try to do damage control (putting down newspapers, cleaning the pumpkin guts that get flung everywhere, cleaning off hands and faces, etc.) or I just try to get out of the way. Adam loves pumpkin carving.
Lily loves pumpkin carving. She likes separating out the guts from the pumpkin seeds. She was the best little seed picker I have ever seen. She wasn't fast, but she was accurate. There is such determination on her face!

Addie is very proud of her littlest pumpkin. This is one that was grown in our own garden (One of 4). Addie got to draw out her pumpkin face with magic marker this year for Daddy to carve. She also tried giving inspiration to me as I half-heartedly carved ears out using a carving tool. We tried to make a pretty sparkly pumpkin with jewels in it, but I was having trouble getting the jewels to stick.

Adam finished up with the girls that night, then came back for more the next morning. He carved a "fairy" pumpkin complete with flowers and one little fairy.


Dana said...

Carving pumpkins that you grew yourself – way cool!

Daddy the Knife said...

any pics of that fairy pumpkin? It went into the compost today and Addie was sad, until I reminded her of the Legand of the Great Pumpkin and how fairy pumpkins return from the earth when composted/burried. She wanted to see a picture of her fairy pumpkin, but is excited to see it next year...